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5 Ways to Reconnect to the things that matter while visiting us at Smith Fork Ranch

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, however here we are believers that sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself. Life can be (and is) hectic day-to-day and vacation/holiday is a chance for you to recharge and reconnect yourself to what you truly enjoy. We see it all the time, guests come here and they leave feeling more connected to their lives than when they arrived. We think the ultimate luxury can be found by going tech free; setting down our digital devices and leaving the tv power off. Here are five ways we’ve seen guests reconnect at Smith Fork Ranch:

Reconnect with the Family & Friends

Smith Fork Ranch itself is a Family from the owners & the guests, down to the staff that ensures each and every guest need is meet and exceeded. Family owned since 1999, the Hodgson’s wanted a place that you can experience a ranch vacation like a house party in the most gracious sense. The one-to-one guest to staff ratio combined with intimate size allows you and your family & friends the ability to have experience tailored to you. Experience the great outdoors with the guidance of our knowledgeable guides and wranglers so that you can focus on the conversations and adventures you’ll have with the kids, grandkids and friends.

Reconnect with the Land and Nature

With the ever-growing nature of our cities and towns you may often find that you haven’t walked in an undeveloped area and seen the vastness of the Rocky Mountains, heard the rushing water of the Gunnison River, or seen the stars without all the city lights. At Smith Fork Ranch we can guarantee that you’ll get to experience these among many other ways to connect to the beauty & nature that surrounds us.

      1. Explore the Rocky Mountains by way of horseback, peddling fat tires, or on your own two feet on one of our 14 trails that connect you into the surrounding 1.6+ million acres (2,612.71 sq mi, or 6,766.89 km²) of the Gunnison National Forest.
      2. Hear the rushing waters of the river while wading through and tying on some flies or simply from the back porch of your cabin while you sip on a cup of “Cowboy Coffee” or a glass of wine.
      3. See the stars in our dark skies with out the pollution of city lights, or any lights for that matter.

Reconnect with Yourself

Do you often find yourself juggling multiple to-do lists in your everyday life; for the home, kids, and work? By the time you have paid the bills, cleaned your homes, finished the laundry, chauffeured the kids to the seemingly never-ending social events they have, is there any time left for you?

Smith Fork Ranch offers up the best environment to leave behind the multi-tasking lifestyle we have all grown accustomed to and allows you to relax and think about YOU.  Here you’ll find the time for “me time” whether you choose to just be still, sit on the Pavilion Deck and do nothing for once (maybe indulge in a Smith Fork Spa Treatment) or you find time to play, learn to line dance, take a hike, or saddle up it’ll be because you want to not because you have to.


Reconnect with Adventure

A lot goes into planning a vacation and what better way to take out some of the stress of planning a family vacation that finding a place that is essentially a one stop shop so that the most difficult decision that you make each day is “what adventure are we going to do next?”

At Smith Fork you’ll find that instead of time just going by it goes from one adventure to the next. Instead of thinking of the day by what hour it is you begin to see the day by what’s up next. Whether it be a trail ride, catching & releasing trout or rolling through the mountains by fat tire we’re sure that you’ll measure time of day by where the sun is located than by what the clock says.

Reconnect with Past Memories

Do we even remember the days without cell phones? Well here at Smith Fork you get a glimpse into the past, we promise that you’ll be checking your phone less and less as the week goes on. While we are fond of the connectedness cell phones have created for us we are also fond of the memories that we create when we aren’t looking at the world through 5 inches. You will start to remember those days that you sat around the table sharing stories of what you encountered in the great outdoors and maybe even playing a board game while you sit by the fire. Turn these good ol’ days into the memories that you’ll remember as the good ol’ days for years to come.

If you’re interested in planning a multigenerational getaway at Smith Fork Ranch, contact our reservations team at 970-921-3454 or via email at reservations@smithforkranch.com


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