Organic Farm

A Bountiful Harvest

The cuisine at Smith Fork Ranch tastes fresh for a reason: many of the ingredients have traveled only a few yards from our organic farmstead to your plate. 

Over the years, we noticed how rich and nurturing the soil is in some of our meadows. And so, a decade ago, we started an organic farmstead garden nestled in the meadow below the old Dance Barn. The farmstead focuses on the preservation and production of heirloom varietals that have been planted for generations in Holland, France and elsewhere in America. And as our garden grows with each passing year, it reflects our continued passion for the land and its seasons.

17- Washing Beets in Washing Shed

It All Starts With The Soil

Our soil provides the perfect use for the organic waste from around our guest ranch: the kitchen scraps, grass and leaf trimmings, hay from the horse barns, and manure rich in nitrogen all let us cultivate dozens of varieties of vegetables and flowers without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

18- Washing Shed

Rich Soil, Rich History

Of course, we’re not the first to see the growing potential here. For centuries, the fertile Smith Fork River valley was once the home of the Ute Indians, who lived in harmony with the land. And in the last quarter of the 19th Century, pioneers and homesteaders from the Midwest settled the area. Close to a century-and-a-half later, many of the original old homesteads are still being farmed and ranched by the same families.